Shopping for Music On-Line

On-Line Music Shopping!

Assuming that other people reading this are a lot like me and tend to spend more time buying hard-to-find collectables, rather than the standard common CD's you can find at any generic music store in town, I have decided to make up list on on-line music stores that tend to stock items other than the current top 50 CD's according to a popular magazine....

*Disclaimer* I am by no way endorsing or trying to promote the below listed companies... I am trying to provide some helpful hints for others like myself who have a difficult time locating hard-to-find music collectables. I take no responsabilities in the outcome of anybody who makes a purchase from these companies. I have ordered with success from many, but not all, of the companies listed below. Any questions, feel free to write me.

Canada and USA Mail Order Stores:

UK and Europe Mail Order Stores:

All Other Countries Mail Order Stores: