Here are some links to some smurfy places on the internet.

Col & Kir's SMURF page (a page by Kirsten and myself)

Official Smurfs webpage

Papa Smurf's Sleepy Time Storybook and Secret Hideaway

Smurfs Live On...

A Smurfy page About Smurfs

Smurfette's Corner

Smurf Village Homepage

Smurf of the 90's!

Vic Twenty's Imaginarium

When Smurfs Go Bad

The Smurfs - T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Jerseys for sale!

Cartoon World (scroll down for links to Quicktime Smurf clips)

If anyone out there reading this happens to have the Smurfs episode titled "The Purple Smurfs" (the GNAP! one) on videotape in NTSC and can dub a copy, please write to me at

I have been looking for this episode for years... I will galdly pay or trade copies of Smurf episodes that I have (approximately 18 hours in NTSC format). Thank you!

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Last Updated - June 28, 1999

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